Our Leadership


How are decisions made at Oasis community church?

At Oasis Community Church, we operate with a two board structure: The Elder Board and the Ministry Leadership Team.

The Elder Board currently has four members voted in by the congregation along with the Lead Pastor. The Elder Board is the highest governing body of the church. The Elder Board holds meetings as needed to address concerns in need of their guidance.

The Ministry Leadership Team is made of the the pastoral staff, Elders, Secretary, Assistant Sercretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Volunteer Men's Ministry Leader, Volunteer Women's Ministry Leader, and two members-at-large*. The Ministry Leadership Team meets once a month to manage the regular operations of the church.

*Members-at-large are members of Oasis Community Church that have been voted in by the congregation to represent the members on the Ministry Leadership Team.

Elder Board

- Bill Vaughn, Lead Pastor

- Garnett Mello, Head Elder

- Cory Plumb

- Thaine Ernst

- John Huckabee

Ministry Leadership Team

- Bill Vaughn, Lead Pastor

- Caleb Szymanski, Associate Pastor

- Sam Sexton, Youth Pastor

- Garnett Mello, Lead Elder

- Cory Plumb, Elder

- Thaine Ernst, Elder

- John Huckabee, Elder

- Heather Wiessmer, Secretary

- Sarah Sexton, Assistant Secretary

- Kelle Lang, Treasurer

- Mary Ward, Assistant Treasurer

- Michelle Russel, Women's Ministry

- Steven Hert, Men's Ministry

- Bobby Parmenter, Member at Large

- Hector Viera, Member at Large